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  1. Ticket #314849 - this is the third ticket on this same topic and Evernote support has never told me the search was too elaborate. They have my error logs so one would think they would let me know. I will try changing the search to include only one tag to see if that makes a difference. Thanks
  2. I have had this same problem since October - many updates ago. Have worked with Evernote support several times but still offline search does not work. There have been several upgrades which support says should fix the issue but nothing has worked. Specifically: I have a group of lists with check boxes. I have a search that returns the list if any of the check boxes are not checked. Works great when I have a connection but returns nothing when offline. Anyone know why this should not work with a premium account? Very frustrating. Thanks.
  3. I have experienced the same problem. Evernote is slow to refresh since the upgrade to version 5. Currently using version Any help out there?
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