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  1. I have the same problem ever time I am editing long notes. I will start typing,then the screen will jump to the end. The content goes to the write place but so much knowing what I just typed.
  2. The flip side is that if you don't understand a tool as it exists, and try to do things that it's not built to do, then you're probably not going to be able to use it well. That's an entirely different issue than that of requesting that the tool be improved, which is entirely reasonable. I'd love it if Evernote had a better editing experience, but what it has fits into my usage zone, so it's fine for me 99% of the time. If I need something more functional, I'm easily capable of pulling out, say, MS Word,. I have been using Evernote now for a little over 4 years. I use it extensively on 4 platforms (Windows desktop, MacBook Pro, iPad, Andtroid phone). After these many years I can safely say Evernote is very poor at content creation/management. It does a good job at storing and indexing, even though it is lousy at maintaining syncrhonization among my 4 platforms. However, when you go Evernote's website it says it does 4 things - Write, Collect, Find, Present. While "Present" is fairly new, "Write" has essentially been there since the beginning. It is also the first point Evernote consitently makes. This is why I am so concerned about the poor basic text editing in Evernote across all platforms I use. How do you create and manage notes without a simple, competent text editor? After receiving $225M in funding, should they rebrand and rename to EverDump? EverBox?
  3. Hi! Welcome to the forums. Could you provide us with specific problems you have on all the platforms? This might help the developers to better address the issues. A Few that come to top of mind: When pasting text into an indented list, It is not possible to indent or outdent the list from the point of paste. As a workaround, I will create a multi-item list and paste text in the middle of the so that there is a formatted list after paste. This does not always, though. Clearly, pasting text into a list damaged Evernote's list semantics.Pasting an indented list from another application like, Microsoft Word, is extremely problematic. EN does not preserver the indenting, causing me to to either copy as plain text and re-indent in EN or spent long periods of time trying to pretty up the list. This is not limited to Word. The same problem happens copying text from Acrobat, Chrome, IE, Firefox.Unlike most modern editors, you cannot paste rich text and merge it with destination markup. You either paste it as text or it just comes over and you deal with it. Editors like Word make some intelligent (and some not so intelligent) decisions about merging text. EN does not.There is no mode to actually see EN's markup, so it can be corrected directly. Instead you have to guess where the problem is and try to find a workaround.Often EN will identify a word as misspelled, when it is actually spelled correctly. It will not suggest alternative spellings. Many times if I highlight the word the it will remove its complaints.If I tell it to add to the dictionary, then it does not automatically re-scan, removing future occurrences of the learned word.Is it too much to ask for a pluggable spell checker/dictionary? Clearly, EN's dictionary is very limited, particularly for technical terms, abbreviations.How about a global dictionary shared between instances of EN running on different devices?Let's not even get started by inconsistent syncing rules across platforms causes frequent note conflicts. The reason I use EN on multiple platforms is that each platform has its time and place. (Take a quick note on iPad will undoubtedly lead to a note conflict unless I can fully ensure the note is synced before EN loses focus.)Who in the world came up with EN's right click menu system? Should this collect context-sensitive menus? If I select a hyperlink, how about copy, select, update, etc.I got an idea: Etherpad-mode! haha I have many more issues, but I have work to do. You may ask, with so many issues why not report them in an ongoing fashion. I don't because I first look to see if other's are having my issues. I notice many times there is either no response or the response is so truly laughable. For instance, it is onerous to create my notes in Microsoft Word and copy them to EN. That is double work. Plus I do not have Word on all of my platforms. It just seems like the designers of EN want EN to be a content dumping ground, not a content creation platform.
  4. This is the same foolishness that bedeviled Netscape at the top of its popularity. I use Evernote on all of my devices (Android phone, Windows, iPad, and MacBook Pro). The editor has the same bugs on all platforms. Sounds like incompetence to me.
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