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  1. I used to do this, too. It was really convenient. Now, it's an extra step of having to copy and paste into OmniFocus. It's just one more thing I hate about the EN update. 😤 Did you ever receive a response about this?
  2. Before the upgrade, I could PDF notes and then could successfully access a hyperlink in the PDF file. However, now, links in the PDF file are dead. Even if I use the actual URL text as a note, after I PDF the note, I can't even copy and paste the text URL into a browser. It copies and pastes nonsense text. I want to be able to create PDFs of some Evernote notes as files, so I can save them as documents on my computer. But, I need hyperlinks in the notes to work or at least be able to copy and paste them into a browser. Help! How do I do this? Did this functionality go away?
  3. Add me to the frustrated "web clipper isn't working on Safari" crew. Sounds like Evernote's working on it, but just in case - here are my details: OS X Yosemite v10.10.1Safari v8.0.2Evernote Web Clipper v6.2.4 Amazing how dependent I am on Evernote in my daily personal/business life - am reminded when there is a glitch! Look forward to hearing it's resolved. Thanks!
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