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  1. Wow - here we are 8 years later. I tried a couple of the work arounds mentioned earlier like MathJax (very kludgy). We had a college intern come in and introduce my coworkers and I to overleaf. So they switched and I went with them (at least as far as paying: paying for overleaf now and dropped evernote premium). Overleaf is fully featured but requires you to know Latex. Still use Evernote some for taking general (meetings, tasks, logs) notes and it works for that. I wish there was something that spanned both. I don't think they are marketing Evernote for the "niche" (lol) technical fields (me :engineering) any longer though. Wish I had a dollar for every-time I had this conversation: Someone: "You use evernote? I use [Teams or some other product]. Do you like it? Me: "It's Ok. But there is no equation editor or ability to embed math" Someone: "Oh really? So about that meeting yesterday..."
  2. Been using the new Beta Evernote and it seems Formulas (Math and technical editing) ala Latex is not going to be a feature (or is at least not in the Beta). So again, it looks like a 3rd party render is needed (Account with WIRIS or EATags).
  3. Wow - just came across this (via slashdot): https://www.writelatex.com/ More functionality than what I think I would want in evernote, but shazaaaam!
  4. Again to point out some things that seem to get lost here.... It's the need for an equation editor. I think Latex is mentioned here as a possible example solution; the problem is the missing functionality: an equation editor. Evernote's "competition" includes MS/OO Equation Editor, or as I am forced to do it now.... pencil and paper. The lack of Latex or simple equation editor means I and any other engineer (professional and student) need to keep another means for note taking. Evernote... great for taking notes .... except for science and math. (Ironically I can use subscripts and superscripts here, but not in Evernote.)
  5. First time poster and soon to be paying evernote customer (moleskin evernote notebook on order). More importantly an engineer. This is a +++++++1! feature. Please, please, please. This is a feature that holds some of my collegues back from using evernote. Please don't limit the argument of use to just academics. This would be a fantastic addition. And let me add - this is not for publishing needs but for Note taking. Need to be able to refer back to equations and methods. A perfect Evernote capability.
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