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  1. Maybe I am ignorant but I really don't understand why it takes so much time to implement such a simple feature as a dark theme to Evernote application. There are workarounds to change website background colour but I don't use website, only Windows and Android apps. :-(
  2. There's no way since I know this password well as my own name and I tried to type it like 10 times before closing and opening Evernote again.
  3. I logged into Evernot yesterday and today I tried to decypt my encrypted note but the password I knew well didn't work. I logout and logged in again , then it worked. Before logging in again I tried typing password somewhere else to see if caps lock or something wasn't turned on but it was all ordinary. a bug? I made me worried about my important encrypted information. using Windows 7 64bit, Evernote v4.5
  4. Oh, yes. The ability to change background color would be helpful sometimes!
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