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  1. I just came here after my new Mac with now OSX 11.2 forced me finally to abandon Skitch 1 ( that was the pre.evernote version... and it worked fine on OSX 10.13 oh well ). and your "design philosophy" joke just made my day... that was pretty much the impression we all had back then when Evernote bought Skitch. On a more serious note , I have an open email and am working my way through a Quicktime. I snap frames and annotate them. Drag and Drop from Skitch into Filemaker works just fine (thank God) but drag and drop into my existing mail message does not work. Also I actually co
  2. Going back to Skitch 1.0.12 worked, thx again for making the installer available ! Q / hint / note: After going back to 10.0.12 ,my old skitch account in the sharing settings is now labeled "anonymous account" so I lost the old skitch.com login. Did the service of sketch.com get switch off with the release of 2.0 ? Or is there a way to re-acticate my old sketch.com account as well ? It's a (gladly) paid skitch plus "membership" purchased in jan 2011 . It was originally valid till 2012-01-06, then skitch.com sent a mail and extended it for 2 years after I was a very early adopter, so it shoul
  3. In all my rant about the "new" way SKITCH works and integrates with Evernote I was only focused on my personal User Experience... (how the UI has changed for the worse and the fact that it crashes frequently) but "Simple" is absolutely right. The way that big players buy useful / hip / cute / small startups or companies and the try to bend them to fit their idea is worrying. Sure this is the way business goes... but honestly, must it ? After I had discovered Skitch in november 2009 I was so thrilled by this tiny tool, that is so great and out of the way, yet always there when you need it. I
  4. AND for me SKITCH 2.0 crashes frequently !!! I'm on the latest 10.7 (NOT 10.8) and run Photoshop and a load of other apps... on trying to grab screen grabs SKitch crashed 3 or 4 times now (within 2hrs or working) If any of the developers is reading this, get in tocu I'm happy let you have my crashreports if I get a Skitch 1.0 installer ;-) just kidding... Jo
  5. - and you have to manually MINIMIZE the Skitch window - no more "moving itself out of the way" after dragging teh image onto e.g. mail ... - then of course when you WANT the Skitch windowback in the foreground and you comand-tab to SKITCH - guess what, it's MINIMIZED ... hahaha so now you have to move the mouse to the (now even fuller) Dock and have to click the minimized window to get it back ! Do you guys get paid by the click... ?? - and capture... why on earth do I need to click on CAPTURE now... ANOTHER CLICK - yes, you guys get paid by the click !! - and then I hoped for the full
  6. phew - I got version 1 back !!!
  7. OH MY GOD SKITCH is broken... dead, gone... it's become another "application" instead of that genius little clever tool ! I'm VERY VERY VERY disappointed by this update. I was sooo thrilled to have found skitch early in it's days ! As soon as it became available I purchased the max of SKITCHplus option, I really wanted to give something to these guys so they can keep developing this GREAT GREAT GREAT tool... and as much as I understand that one sells their project (I wish I had one to do so... ), this result is a development in a very bad direction ! so many lost features / so inelegan
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