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  1. Blah... I was excited about the reminders and due dates features, but didn't expect this... the list view is now basically the snippet view with sorting options. such a waste of screen real estate!!! I hereby cast my vote for evernote to bring back the horizontal pane list view
  2. Hey Joel, according to the menus I'm looking at, command+[ and command+] are back and forwards, respectively. Does this not work for you? Ah, yes it does work, thanks! I wonder if there's a way to assign a mouse/trackpad interaction to that shortcut, similar to in browsers?
  3. Woo-hoo back button is back in the latest update!!! Anyone know how to assign a shortcut to the back/forward function?
  4. Hooray! The quick turnaround is encouraging. Thanks!
  5. This is an unintended benefit of my system of storing saved searches in my notes (mentioned above). It is easy to copy, paste and edit the search. One additional benefit (especially months later) is that I usually include a brief description of what I want each search to accomplish. Thanks for this workaround! The loss of editing ability for saved searches has really disrupted my workflow! I am really bummed that this feature was removed. Does anyone know if there's a way to see what the user base for Evernote looks like? I realize this might well be confidential company info, but I just wonder about it. There seems to be sizable sub-culture of Evernote "power users" who use Evernote for personal productivity (e.g., GTD systems - this includes me) who have really been burned by the new release, but I wonder to what extent we are in the minority, albeit a very vocal one. This is more of an observation. If I can divine a long-term trend towards de-emphasizing our use case in favor of expanding the user base and catering to a "majority" set of use cases that privileges features I don't care about (e.g., Atlas, "looks") and kills features I find essential (e.g., powerful saved search capability, customizable toolbar), I might have to consider switching to another platform.
  6. +1 for back button! And thanks to dchristy for the "open note links in new window" tip!
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