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  1. I hardly ever post comments on a forum but the new Skitch has totally changed my workflow for the worse and it was worth my time to give feedback. Things that suck Not able to snap a webpage anymore! This was one of the awesome features of the old Skitch. In just a few seconds, I could snap a URL (or snap from Safari), edit it, send it to clients or save to my premium Evernote account. Deal killer for me. Might have to go back to LittleSnapper but Skitch was so much easier. No more (s)ftp uploads - I used this quite a bit and now I have to add more steps to my workflow Removal of Skitch from the menu bar - I used to be able to click the icon on the menu bar, pick my snapshot type (usually Snap from Link) and go. Now I have to leave Skitch open in my dock cluttering the rest of my dock. Interface change - sure the old one didn't have the "corporate" feel but that's what made it fun to use. The old Skitch was more intuitive - easy to use for anyone. New interface? Dull, boring, and blah - it sure doesn't make me want to show it off to anyone. Everything is a png now??? Where's the ability to pick the file type (jpg, pdf, svg, tif, gif, bmp). So now to make a pdf or any other file type I have to add more steps to my workflow? Removal of undo button - sure I can just CMD-Z but was it that much in the way? Removal of watermark - why? Yes - it was a pain to have to go into settings and add/delete the watermark text based on if you wanted to use it or not - a button or menu option would have been great - but at least I had an option. Now I don't. Removal of Add Shadow to image, Flip Image, Rotate Image - commands I used all the time - now gone. More added steps to my workflow. Removal of background choices - sigh! No countdown feature - useful option when I needed it - now gone from everywhere but snapping a "menu". Things that don't suck New cropping tool - awesome! Ability to click and resize shapes - another awesome! The fact that the suck list is longer then the non-suck list has caused me to revert back to the old Skitch - all the extra workflow isn't worth a better crop or shape. I love you Evernote. You made my life more efficient but I am so disappointed in the choices you made on this Skitch update. It's inexcusable.
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