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  1. Hi there, I'm at Evernote (307474) Public (CE Build ce-48.0.5483) on Windows 7 (W7 being Company policy) and I am still facing this issue. Yes, I can workaround it with the Zooming as proposed but this should not be needed. Neither should I have to change my Windows display setting to anything larger then normal. I need my screen resources! I have NOT seen this issue in either the IOS Apps or MacOS clients! Hope this can be fixed for the Windows client. Regards, Rob.
  2. Thanks, that did the trick. I Personally find the tab "Software Update" a strange place for this preference. On top of that, the Dutch translation is not correct: It is listed as "Schakel Code Blokkeren in" which actually means to "enable blocking code" instead of what is mentioned in your screenshot.
  3. Hi, Not sure whether (and how as I cannot find it) this was requested before, but for some reason I'm missing the {} formatting option to include a code-block in a note on Mac. This does exist on the Windows Desktop Client, see attachment As a side note, I cannot find it on the iPhone /iPad / IOS version either. Can this please be (re-)added to the Mac (and IOS) version of Evernote? Regards, Rob
  4. Thanks! Although I couldn't find the link, I removed the existing installed Plugin and reinstalled it. After restarting Safari I am now running with 6.11 and my issue is gone! Thanks for your assistance! Regards, Rob.
  5. Hi, As a long term Premium Evernote user, I used the WebClipper quite a lot but as of today, for some reason, the keywords entered are reversed! When I type them, they already put the last character in front of the previous entered characters. Unfortunately, they are also stored like that....... As I couldn't believe what I noticed, I created a screendump so anyone else could see it. I tried to attached the screencapture to this topic but it is too big so here's the link: https://rvaneerd.stackstorage.com/s/FfNULw6C5qwHRY6 FYI: I'm using the Latest version of Mac OS (Sierra 10.12.5) and Evernote WebClipper 6.9.4. Did anyone else experience this? Regards, Rob.
  6. Count me in as well. However, adding a configurable amount of spaces is nice, but if going this way, why not make it configurable to use "real tabs" (of configurable size) as well instead of spaces. Disadvantage of spaces is that their width changes with fonts. Regards, Rob.
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