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  1. Skitch was my most used app, and my highest recommendation for my clients to use for sheer simplicity. This update does strip away some of the core features which were great. I use this app as a support and sharing app to help explain points. I do not use this for noting things for future reference.

    • Direct syncing to Evernote is not useful and just take up space on Evernote.
    • The lack of choosing a compressed .jpg is really terrible because now it increases the upload time to CloudApp or email, and increases the download time for the person receiving the file. It also makes sharing on 3G or 4G mobile internet take up more data on upload. For someone who uses Skitch a dozen times per day or more, this is considerable.
    • The direct dragging and cropping just felt a little better than what it is now.
    • The lack of a toolbar icon and space on the dock is such a step backward.

    But my positive feedback is that the file creation part is smoother and allows for direct dropping into CloudApp/dropplr. This is great!

    The capture method and resizing prior to capture feels really nice.

    The pixelation feature is great too.

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