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  1. Awesome, thanks for the .zip file link to restore the old version of skitch!
  2. Oh, and its buggy. I just took another screen capture of something, to test it out... and it kept things I had used on the previous screen capture. I had typed some dummy text, and drew some lines, just to see how the tools work. Then I took a brand new screen capture, and some of those things I drew on the previous image were still in the edit window, on top of my new image.... what? Oh, and the delete button doesn't work, I had to press the backspace button... thats an extra 4 keyboard clicks of me thinking its even more broken then I originally thought.
  3. I'll simply link to the reply I made in another thread... http://discussion.ev...-skitch-20-mac/ Please read this thread. Evernote, as a paid customer of your product, you ruined Skitch. As a paid customer, look at what my use cases are, and consider your paying customers as your best friends... not people you get to beat up like facebook does when you figure out another way to do something that is going to drive revenue for you.
  4. I have to concur. The new skitch breaks some of the *CORE* functionality I came to expect, and rely on DAILY from the product. This new version is a significant regression in functionality and quality. 1. My LARGEST complaint, is that you removed the functionality that lets me push a screenshot/snip up to my own sFTP/FTP target. For my internal work needs, where I need to share things in a semi private manner it was an amazingly useful feature for me to be able to take a capture, drop an arrow on it, and in 15 seconds have that up on a URL that I can share with someone. http://myfakedomainname.com/filename+timestamp+applicationname.png <-- something like this was what I could then share with my clients, or coworkers! This was an amazingly simple feature that uses MY bandwidth the way I want to use it, and keeps *MY* name (the domain name) in the context. I then, personally could worry about removing, editing, archiving, deleting the old images, how ever I wanted. By forcing me to share content via evernote, you've removed an incredibly simple tool that leverages the most basic functionality of the web... 'sharing a URL with someone'. And no, YOUR URL, doesn't count. I don't want to see evernote's bloated URL (which is useless for plain english parsing) and evernotes website... My clients don't want to see it, and I have ZERO interest of it living indefinately on your servers just so you have some permanant track record of everything I've uploaded. I'll use evernote if I want that (and for evernotes use cases, I do, but not skitch). Now I'm forced to upload to evernote if I want to get a quick URL to share with someone. I pay you a monthly fee so I *DON'T* have to worry about this. Not because I want something free, and I'm going to -deal- with the functionality you force on me. This alone completely breaks Skitch for me. If you simply added back the "upload to sFTP/FTP" capability from the previous version, and left everything else you've added, I'll be satisfied. 2. Editing tools. Why did you remove the simple "click to select, so you can delete or move things". The new "blur" tool is nice, I like that. But once you place it, I can't figure out how to move it, or remove it. In comparison, the line drawing tool can be clicked on after the fact, to move or delete what you just drew. This is broken, and makes no sense. 3. There's also no way to change the line weights or font size anymore. I'm not expecting photoshop, but sometimes you need to have smaller, or larger elements. 4. The top OSX menu bar icon. You removed it... why? 5. I'm sure there's other things that I haven't noticed yet that are going to bother me just as much... This is a huge step backwards for what was an amazing product that I used MANY times through out the day. I'm actively looking for a replacement now.
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