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  1. Holy *****, who approved this? Why would you remove features with out researching how people use it ? please restore the lost tagging and auto title features with the web clipper.
  2. Awesome, thanks for the .zip file link to restore the old version of skitch!
  3. I have to concur. The new skitch breaks some of the *CORE* functionality I came to expect, and rely on DAILY from the product. This new version is a significant regression in functionality and quality. 1. My LARGEST complaint, is that you removed the functionality that lets me push a screenshot/snip up to my own sFTP/FTP target. For my internal work needs, where I need to share things in a semi private manner it was an amazingly useful feature for me to be able to take a capture, drop an arrow on it, and in 15 seconds have that up on a URL that I can share with someone. http://myfakedomainna
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