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  1. Thanks everyone for the advice. For the Kindle device users out there, if I convert an eBook into the Kindle format and use Kindle to highlight and take notes, will a clippings text file be generated? Clippings Converter sounds like just what I need. For the Kindle PC/Mac users, is there a way to convert the MBP file associated with a Kindle book into a text file?
  2. Hey Everyone, I've been using Evernote for the past three years now and have amassed an eclectic collection that have come in handy in writing essays and giving presentations. While it's nifty when I'm reading things on my laptop, I'm at a dilemma with reading ebooks. I have the Kindle app for my Android phone and have found it nifty to read through books I have purchased through the Kindle store. However, I also have a few books that I have converted to the Kindle format using Calibre. I am familiar with the indirect way of uploading notes from Kindle books to Evernote using web clipper but find it tedious to manually enter every note with my converted files; I normally finish reading the file on my phone before going through it on my laptop and creating individual notes while thumbing through my highlights/bookmarks on the phone. Has anyone worked out a more efficient system? I'm considering purchasing a Kindle if need be but was open to any thoughts. Thank you for your help.
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