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  1. Feature Requests and Usability Points: I really expect clicking on the elephant in the top left corner to take me to a homepage of some kind Speaking of home-page, I agree with other posters that a new blank note is a confusing place for me to start, I'd much rather see my notebooks in some way - this would be a good preference optionOn that note, the notebook drawer is not contrasted enough to easily view my stacked notes. And though there is a dedicated search function, since my notebook list is long I expect a search to exist at the top of that drawer On search, the usability of search feels unnatural for me. I don't expect to have to select a search space from a drop down, maybe something like buttons that read: Notebooks, Notes, All, etc. But the drop down confuses me. I also don't think most of us expect the search to be some kind of middle menu item on the left hand side in a vertical list- I expect it to be top right corner - I think some of us might even expect 'new note' to be over there both because it's become kind of a standard for quick-actions like that on sites we use regularly (Facebook, twitter, etc) and because ti's a good way to separate that task from the other more granular requestsThe results don't highlight the search terms in the boxes or previews that show up, so I find myself squinting trying to find where my search term occurs in the result- I know that I can click on each note to get the highlighting, but much like a Mac Mail search result I expect some sort of indicator in the preview Bug or Issue I simply cannot get the bulleted lists, particularly the checkboxes, to work. I can click at the front of a line, hover over the list menu, and it closes without that ability to click on anything or engage in a list. The only way i've been able to get a bullet is to highlight text and use that popup format bar that occurs- but alas, no checkbox in there. So i've been copy/pasting them from other notes! I have a number of issues that arise when working on a spotty interject connection, such as at Starbucks.Clicking on notes return mixes results, such as correct title but wrong note data Notes allow you to enter information, never sync, and get completely lost (they're not cached somewhere during spotty connections) I have been logged out upon reconnect or better connectivity on the same connection
  2. Would be nice if it could incorporate a styles drawer similar to pages.app for Mac
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