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  1. Hi, When I Google'd for this issue it was interesting that the first hit was to this thread, and it's exactly the same use case as for me. I work in the IT industry, and I go to lots of industry specific meet ups. The are a huge number of people (like me) taking photos of the slides (and I'm sure a large proportion of those use Evernote). Right now the best bet is to sit as close to the front as possible, because cropping the slides afterwards is too time consuming. With my new iPhone 7 plus there's another reason why I'd prefer not to crop the slides - you now get 2x optical zoom, so zooming before taking the photo would be a huge advantage on that front too. This has been a pain point for me for some time now. I'd really appreciate it if Evernote would consider adding zoom to the camera feature (even if it means switching to a mode where I loose some of the optical recognition stuff). Thanks in advance, Brian
  2. Skitch 2.0 is driving me crazy. For me the killer feature in skitch was the countdown screenshot by holding shift. It lets me make tutorials that include context menus and other things that are only available when you are interacting with the screen. Thankfully I've found a copy of the old skitch online. I'll keep an eye on Skitch 2, but I won't be moving to it until they incorporate all the features of Skitch 1. I find it incredulous that they'd remove features in a newer version of the app!
  3. I'm having the same problem: Specifically, spaces are disappearing when I paste code from Xcode into the Evernote app for Mac. Update: thanks for the tip GrumpyMonkey. Pasting my code into BBEdit (text editor), then from BBEdit into Evernote ensures spaces are maintained.
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