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  1. Yes, bubble browser indeed had so much functional potential. But as always, these third party apps have a problem of monetization. There was an excellent 3rd party - full featured client on IOS called Matcha, whose experience was so awesome, it too has gone this same way.
  2. The fact that the CEO himself is on these forums, responding to user queries, is inspiring and helps repose the faith that we have invested in Evernote, over the years 😀. Thank you very much Sir @Ian Small
  3. Seriously seriously painful. I wonder when serious and long term forum contributors will stop defending painful actions or unacceptable errors done by Evernote, or attempt to tone down the scale of the problem. 😕 The app is taking a minute to open. The phone has 4 GB of Ram and we are in 2019. I can't fire up mu Notes or look up something important. Is this not serious enough? Over the years, never faced issues with the Android client, but this is painful. Effectively useless.
  4. Seriously seriously painful. I wonder when serious and long term forum contributors will stop defending painful actions or unacceptable errors done by Evernote, or attempt to tone down the scale of the problem. 😕 The app is taking a minute to open. The phone has 4 GB of Ram and we are in 2019. I can't fire up mu Notes or look up something important. Is this not serious enough? Over the years, never faced issues with the Android client, but this is painful. Effectively useless.
  5. Good step ahead in becoming more transparent to its users, in whats going on ahead. Thanks Ian and Team Evernote.
  6. @Puneet Khurana @Roshan Miranda you may wish to connect to a certified consultant, who may help you fix your problems, depending on your closest location. https://evernote.com/certified-consultants#find-community-member
  7. Never ever had a compliant with the Android experience, atleast from the point where O'Neill took over. ( With Phil Libin, yes issues were there). Since then, Android has been a pleasure to use . Whether it is loading time, response time, what ever. But the Windows, and Web versions, are not really up there . Windows has definitely improved in the last 2-3 years, but still i am not happy with on and off, Slow load times, time to respond etc. How does the software usage experience pan with other paid/subscribed software products for windows, in terms of performance? Evernote experience, has been painful, buggy and lagging for a large use time. Yet, i pay for it (before i become a consultant, i would still pay as an end user, though) , because i love this product, i can't imagine a life without Evernote. I am not interested in jumping ship, but if EN doesn't match up in terms of feature addition, many are going to quit ship, putting the financial future of Evernote at stake. We need to keep this in mind, too. A person cribbing about a product he loves, doesn't necessarily have to move elsewhere. We are in the forum, to just say and admit, 'what is what'. I used to use IOS earlier too. And i wasn't happy with the performance, there too much. It was kind of okay.. okay.. I think DTLow linked me to a post showing a list of additional features that came with the service. We all are quite long time users and power users, and most of us here, use most, if not all features. We are aware of the features, toolsets. question is, all these features were there even at 3 years ago. Nothing new has happened, since then. The Spaces feature was one for the business users, the premium - individual users have been totally neglected for quite some time a long time. How would i be bothered about a new brand re-design and so much PR, when there is so much work to be done? I would not say the 'dark mode' as a great functionality feature, but beyond this, what else? Look up the monthly beta release blogs. ( I am a beta tester for Windows too). The logs only keep talking about 'Bug Fixes' && 'Improvements', for the last few years already. I dont even remember the last time, i sae the word 'New Feature' there. What meaningful new ''functionality'' features have we incorporated? So, even if we assume, that EN was only fixing bugs and working on existing issues, we still haven't addressed them in 3+ years? And how long more shall we continue to keep addressing these issues?
  8. DTLow, it isnt about 'I use.. I am... I .. I.. I... ", evrybody can't be you, they can only be 'themselves'. As a senior poster in the forum, you need to reply based on how the 'average evernote user would use the tool'. Sometimes, being fan boys, makes us mask and tend to ignore some of the serious shortcomings of the product.
  9. i agree that in real world terms, there is only so much for a 'basic' user. For users who wish to stick to 'free/basic/ for perpetuity, there are limits with every cloud service, as they are funded by the paying guys, only. But what about paying premium users? If EN has reached a point where significant amount of resources are needed for maintaining the huge beast, then it is also the priority of the top guys to hire additional employees etc to keep focussing on innovation new features etc? Millions of us are not paying just for the cloud storage/month, we are paying for the constant feature upgrades too, right? But hardly anything meaningful has come out, in the last few years.
  10. @DTLow With full regards to you being a senior poster here, how long are we going to continue this fan-boy games? How long are we going to live in denial? When someone posts a problem, why do we have to go with 'It works fine with me.', doesn't matter. maybe, it works for you, but in general what is the software experience of Evernote for most users? Are you still living in denial that new tools like Notion have come up, and do a much much better job than Evernote in almost all ways? Do we continue to live in denial that hardly any mentionable 'meaningful features' have come up in Evernote or for that matter, even if EN continues to be focussing on ironing out existing issues ( This has been said from the era of Phil Libin, then O Neill and now Ian small as well), why does it take so long to fire up the app, or to create a note? How much long are we going to live in denial mode?
  11. We havent heard of it for a while now. I guess that at some point, functionlity of Penultimate will be brought into the inbuilt Evernote ( as they did for Skitch and killed it eventually). Its sad, but there is enough chaos for the main app itself, but even if it is brought around, i dont think it would give the same feel as the native app.
  12. I totally have to disagree. Tags are the 'heart' of my organization system, anything messed up there, and the whole structure comes crashing down. Infact, i prefer 'tags' a gazillion times to inbuilt-search. Yes, I use 'Note Links', 'Notebook-Stack' organization too, its a marriage of all tools that Evernote provides, including pin-ups ( Reminder Feature). One can't live without the other, although if i had to pick ( which i wouldnt want), first it would be 'tags'. But then, to each- person, his own. The beauty of Evernote is that, it has tools that allows users to choose how to organize on their own, and there must strictly be no 'deprecation' of one tool-set, in favour of the other. If something works for you, fine, if it doesn't, leave it. Choose, what is working for you. I request you to stop making generic statements on behalf of the entire community, based on your individual experiences.
  13. What about 'private' templates, which users make for themselves? I thought that this was in the agenda too. and not just the public ones.
  14. @Nick Nassiri Can you kindly let me know, if the templates feature is working in the latest beta? I am able to create a new note, and save it as a template. This part is fine. I then run a sync too. Now, i create a new note, and choose 'Import from Template' feature, and my previously created template does not show up. Can you please help?
  15. @Nick Nassiri @Chantal Leonard The click on Image in a note - to Zoom out and have a seperate slide show of the images also seems to be broken in this version.
  16. You know honestly, the Evernote team should just shut shop and stop putting up this farce of having a testing unit and so on.. Agreed Beta;s when new features will have issues. But each release keeps breaking long existing features, and then we will need yet another 6 months before this issue is fixed. Just take a look at the snapshots attached - When you click on a Note, and click 'Save attachments to Folder', this is not working. This was a long working and very useful feature. Next if you click on an image inside a note, and try to save it to windows, the EN client should ideally, save file.png , or file.jpeg or something like this. Now try saving an image from EN into Windows, and you end up getting only garbage that if you click as save, Windows says that he can't even recognize the format of the file. I have to manually enter some file.jpg, only then it gets saved on Windows. The Webclipper on Gmail has been broken for long. Just wont work. I submitted logs and snapshots and screenshots for over 20 days back, and i got a ticket number, saying that a tech guy would get back to me. And all this, even after i mention that i am an Evernote Certified Consultant, Yet, Still no response. I can seriously pity the free Evernote user. And umpteen freeze bugs. As far as i know the Android Client on Evernote is amazing. Totally rock solid. The IOS is kind of okay, the unwanted upgrade broke the client ( as always when we upgrade ), but it is some what okay. The Windows is a total night mare. Right from Version 5, the search doesnt respond fast enough, and millions and millions of micro freeze bugs, either at the editor side, or when you move a note to another notebook, or something or the other..
  17. I rechecked and running the latest FireFox 59.0.1 - 64 bit version - Windows 10, Gmail clipping not working for me.
  18. Gmail clipping seems broken both on FireFox && Google Chrome. Once clipper is clicked, you get an error message saying 'undefined'. Please fix this asap.
  19. Nested Folders may work great for Cloud systems that store large media files/data, but for building a information database, i think the Tagging system that we have in Evernote works much better.
  20. Long time to move a bunch of notes : Hi @Chantal Leonard , i think something major has got messed up in the 'Move to Different Notebook' function. You may please want to give them a major and thorough check. When i select a few notes ( about 10 - 12) ,and one shot, Apply Common tags ( This is working well), but when i move to another Notebook, the Blue Wheel of Death appears and it takes around 30-40 seconds for the notes to move and the App to come back to its normal state. Please fix this. Thanks.
  21. Wasnt this bug in the earlier beta release and it was reported too @Chantal Leonard and such a major critical function, and it hasnt been fixed yet? Disappointing.
  22. I repeated the process by manually selecting the 17 images and adding into new note, but Evernote is adding only 10 images. Please fix this bug asap.
  23. @Chantal Leonard Bug in Attachment Picker.. // Serious Potential for Data loss.. Hi, when i use attachment picker, and map to Windows harddrive, and manual select and add, only few files are getting added into Evernote, of the chosen. Of 17 images, i pick and add, only some 5 or 6 are getting loaded into Evernote. Sometimes, in a hurry, we may add and leave, thinking application has added all the files and think that since data has already been added to Evernote, we may delete files from hard disk, only later, we may realise that lots of the data is actually misisng. Serious problem. Please fix up possible..
  24. Had to login to give some feedback about some terrible performances of the latest version. @Chantal Leonard Unable to move a note from Notebook to another. This just is not working. The cross-editor between the Windows and Android client has become so unusable. A simple text only long note, the Android editor gets stuck and takes time to load. Once loaded, and make some changes, i come back and i find that the formatting ( long Text-Only note with lots of Bullets and Indented text) has gone for a toss. I have had to make manual corrections several times on this note. Please fix important issues like the editor before all the PR nonsense of so called upcoming features , that you guys can throw up on your Blog. Seriously. At times, it becomes even unbearable for die-hard evernote users to use such harsh language, because the priorities all seem to be messed up at the top. Freeze issues. Started to appear ever since the Version 5.0 came ( the One where the Client underwent huge design changes and new features like Shortcuts etc were used. Now, thats been almost 2-3 years, and we still havent resorted to fixing them). Real time Search in Windows is a utopian dream. In this regard, the Android client works great, i must admit. But from Windows 5.0 onwards, the moment i click the search icon, it takes several moments to respond before it can allow me to type through. Even the auto Search recommender has not been working since years. Totally terrible in reality when the so called promo videos make it look like zip& zap. Blue Wheel of Death - Some times in the middle, Evernote just stops responding. If we wait for some time (wait times can range between 10 seconds to 20 - 25 seconds,), the client comes back and then we can use as normal. If we try to force it, the client crashes. I only have to close it and open again. So much needs to be done guys. Please focus and fix these issues. You guys are the best. But you guys are the worst, too. Like Linda of the Android client , who was a very active beta tester has quit testing due to data loss, I am really wondering if it is worth doing beta testing here anymore.
  25. Jefito, i understand you don't mean harm, but please when someone posts a genuine pain point here, please stop saying stuff like 'It works for me.. Etc'. Evernote is meant to work for all. We all love Evernote. I can't figure out a life without @evernote. But we also use other software right? Google docs.. Libre office.. Etc.. Do we have such naggy issues or freeze issues, as frequently as in Evernote?
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