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  1. Excellent news, thank you!
  2. http://heartbleed.com This is a pretty serious vulnerability in OpenSSL which leads to discovery of private keys, logins, passwords etc. Are Evernote servers affected? Are you taking any steps to mitigate this? I rely on Evernote for everything and this makes me worry a lot.
  3. Could I please ask for a more convenient way of changing the note creation date? Right now it requires opening note information popover (Shift-Command-I). My workflow when scanning receipts and other documents is to change note creation date to the date of the receipt or document, set note title and tags, and file it in a notebook. Of all these items only creation date requires a keystroke/mouse click to open a separate window (and that popover window very inconveniently doesn't close when I press Escape, but that's a different issue). It would be great if note creation date could be changed directly in the note window, just as I can currently change note tags, title and notebook. Thank you!
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