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  1. Hi there, Pink, I am not a prolific poster in this forum...for over ten years I've paid for license and support, built workflows that depended on EN function, and got my work done. I'm trying to understand how the disruptive approach EN has taken is my problem...but I can tell you what my issue (or issues) is/are: I quietly have been working with both the new and legacy versions in the belief that most of it would come back together in a reasonable period of time, it is very inconvenient, but I was willing to go along with it. When the survey request came to my email, I was initially impressed, and willing to give feedback. However, no matter what EN's intentions really were, it proved impossible to give them what they asked for. And the experience of trying to take their survey reminded me so much of the way EN has tried to deliver releases the last few years...well-intentioned, but not very competent execution. I only posted this experience in the hope that someone from EN would see it in time to save the company from going under as more and more of us turn away from EN in frustrated, repeated disappointments. "Sh**** happens" may have cut it two years ago, but not any more.
  2. Oh goodness, what an experience I've had today with Evernote. I received the following email from them: So I clicked on "Take the Survey" and received this response in my browser: So then, I replied to EN's original email, with this: The final injury (insult?) was this: It's difficult not to personalize experiences like this. One can only hope that this story will make it to an executive desk before I feel forced to complete my migration to Notion.
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