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  1. I tried setting up an import folder, but it does not sync changes. Rather, when I make a change (highlight) to the PDF, Evernote uploads a second version of the PDF. So now I have 2 PDFs in Evernote, one before the highlight and one after. Have I done something wrong?
  2. Yes, I am a student and it is a collection of PDFs for research. Thanks for your suggestion. I tried using Zotero (and Mendeley) to organize my PDFs, but the fact that Zotero duplicates all my PDFs made it unmanageable it for me. Because I couldn’t get myself in the habit of always opening my PDFs through Zotero, I had the problem of duplicate copies of PDFs with different notes in them. On the other hand, linking to the original location (like with Ctrl-K in Evernote) will mean I cannot move the original file without breaking the link.
  3. Great to get so many responses so quickly! Also thanks for the link to your organizing page, GrumpyMonkey. It sounds like the main benefit of using Evernote for PDFs is the comprehensive search of text & annotations. That could certainly be helpful, but I'm alright with search for now. My PDFs are all already in Dropbox so I have the syncing & accessibility covered. My main interest is in the ability to organize by tags, so I'm going to poke around a little more to see if this will be worthwhile. (I hear Macs might have native support for this, actually, but that's a costly conversion for me in many ways.) If I do go with Evernote for this, I certainly wouldn't mind coughing up the $5. That's a great pricing scheme.
  4. I keep seeing people online, including academics, who say they organize their PDF collection using Evernote. But I haven't seen anybody explain how. Could somebody explain this for me? I'm new to Evernote but I already see the following problems for somebody who plans to organize their PDF collection in it: 1)60MB/month limit. The average PDF library will be much larger. Mine is about 500MB at the moment. 2)It does not seem possible to import an entire collection of PDFs at once. I have to drag and drop each PDF individually to get them in Evernote. Otherwise the entire collection of PDFs shows up as one note with many attachments, which won't help for organizing them. Here are examples of people saying they use Evernote for organizing PDFs: http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/how-do-you-organizeannotate-pdfs/23839 (main article as well as in the comments) http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/qiqqa-organizes-academic-papers-students-friend-windows/ (only in the comments)
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