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  1. It's a frustrating issue, but that doesn't mean they don't care. Designing and developing a suite of products that work across multiple platforms and devices is extremely challenging (I'm a digital product designer by trade) and time consuming. Making one small change on one platform can have a ripple effect across all of your other products. If they didn't care, these forums wouldn't be here, and team members wouldn't be answering any questions at all. I'm currently using an iPhone 7+ and Evernote for Mac. I'd love to have my iPhone render default text in the system font (SF) at 16px and my Mac render at 14px in the system font.
  2. It would be really nice to see a tappable link for the Notebook and Tag(s) on each note in the Notes tab. That way, I can have access to different notebooks and tags through content in addition to the navigation. In addition to this, it would be nice to have adding tags exposed during note creation, instead of using progressive disclosure to get to them (tapping the info icon).
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