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  1. Same problem here, exactly. And to be honest, I'm very frustrated with years of issues from Evernote. This is at core a note app, and text editing has always been buggy. To update and have it impossible to edit notes is ridiculous. You guys make enough money to do this right. Please, get a small team together and re-write this software from the ground up. I'd be happy to help with specs, UX, UI, PM, coding. But you know what to do. Consider the existing Evernote an elaborate prototype. Now, go back and start with a modern framework and clean code. Make it work correctly from the ground up. Now is the time.
  2. Still having this issue. Win 8.1 Really annoying. Also inconsistent; it usually has this issue, but sometimes it will track new lines past the scroll overflow/bottom of screen. Has been many months, have lost track as there are numerous issues with basic text note editing. Still disappointed with attention to detail in core functions, Evernote. Please fix this. In all seriousness, maybe you need a re-write to the entire text editor module. It create horrific markup behind the scenes, lists are a mess.
  3. Also having this issue - all my contractions are red-underlined. Annoying. Please fix, Evernote. And FWIW, there are a number of other buggy behaviors in the text editor - given this is a core feature of the software, I would suggest a complete re-write, following common UI conventions with things like lists. Feel free to message me for more info, I know this comment is ambiguous and off-topic, but I do have notes I've recorded on the subject specifically.
  4. IMO this is not acceptable. Find a way to use local storage. This is an incredible inefficiency in what should be a "click-and-forget" operation. Sometimes it takes dozens of seconds to clip, or hangs entirely. Not all of us have access to reliable high speed internet where we need to get work done.
  5. I agree with OP totally. I have been using Evernote for some years, and most importantly for plain-text notes and lists. The list formatting is broken; I make numbered or bulleted lists, and if I erase a line, it leaves a phantom bullet or number with space. For example: first item second item . third item fourth item That #3 would occur after I deleted something in its place, and if I backspace in front of "third item" or delete behind "second item", then "third item" will jump up to join "second item" with an empty #3 in my list. A phantom space that is impossible to remove without deleted the entire list. Please fix this, thanks! And p.s. to jbenson2, I agree Workflowy.com is an excellent outliner. I'm even paying $5/mo for their service, a rare thing for me. Now hoping they release their offline version soon.... oh, the arrogance of companies making web-only apps, as if the world was only hyper-connected first-world cities. I'm a Canadian expat living in Ghana, and it is clear that most of the world cannot take advantage of cloud-based computing or web-based apps. Gripe over.
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