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  1. Sorry, yes I meant Note Well I guess I'm trying to treat a Note like a lab book, writing daily observations & pasting results (graphs & charts) into it as I go along. Going up one level in the hierarchy, the encompassing Notebook contains everything to do with a particular project: the "lab book" (i.e. master Note) itself plus clipped web articles, PDFs etc. Basically trying to replicate real life: one folder (Notebook) per project, each containing a lab book (Note) to track daily activities on that project, and any other clippings etc that are useful. I understand that having one huge Note as a lab book would eventually make it unwieldy, necessitating switching to new Notes now and then (effectively "book 2", "book 3", etc). But a Note containing the equivalent of say 50 pages of text and diagrams, that can be scanned through using a split screen, would be extremely useful.
  2. I've found that writing the next instalment of the note in a separate temporary evernote file, then copying/pasting it into the master file at the end of the day, is a workaround that works. It's not ideal, but it's better than nothing.
  3. I agree that opening notes in a separate window is possible, so that you have the main Evernote window plus a separate window open, both displaying different parts of the same note. However, if you then try to edit in either window, the other one snaps back to the top of the note. So you can't refer back to your notes while working on the latest "page", that is, having one window scrolled to one point while the other window is scrolled to a different point for editing. This makes using an Evernote note like a lab book pretty awkward. It's good for recording experiment output quickly so is better than nothing, but being able to refer back to other "pages" while also writing on the latest "page" would be a big improvement. Also, it's nice that an iPad pro allows for two views, but I don't have one, and it's not clear from your description if it doesn't also suffer from the "snap back" issue above.
  4. I regularly make long notes, using them more like a lab book. I have a note open now that is over 2000 lines long, and it's a pain having to scroll up and down it when I want to refer to something several "pages" back. If you could split the screen and scroll the top half up to where you want, then you could refer to it while writing in the bottom half, and vice versa. You can do this kind of thing in Emacs, where you can actually split the screen many times and have each section parked on a different part of the document. You could argue that I should create a new "lab book" note for every day, but it's more efficient and intuitive to have a single "book" to write in without having to stop and figure out which file to refer to. Basically, an Evernote "notebook" is treated instead like a folder on one specific subject, and contains not only short notes, photos etc but one or two long notes which in the real world would be lab books. NB: there are several posts on this subject in other forums (see https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/89561-split-screen-on-laptop-app/ or https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/34565-archived-split-screen-view-and-edit/) but they don't have answers, and I can't find anything similar in this new Feature Requests forum.
  5. I second this I third this.... my paper notes are always a mix of text and diagrams, arrows etc. No-one writes notes and ideas down just as a big page of text. While I find Evernote very useful for pasting collections of stuff off the web & not losing important notes, unfortunately the usability and quality of the notes themselves are not as good as what you can do instantly with paper and a pen. You simply don't have time to play around with a second application and cut and paste when ideas are coming thick and fast and you have just seconds to jot ideas - it's a hassle and therefore deleterious to creativity. While I'm at it, it would be very useful to have text boxes too. The ability to type a chunk of text placed anywhere on the page would be great, like sticky notes, or a list etc. The page could end up looking like a bunch of arbitrarily-placed boxes but sometimes that's how people think: many things all at the same time. Forcing us to write only sequentially is fine in some cases but not in others. I usually use tables in my notes so I can jot down things covering different sublects. Basically, we need to be able to type and scribble anywhere on the page, exactly as if it was a piece of paper, and we were using both a typewriter and a pen.
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