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  1. Same problem with a ScanSnap S1300i - works fine if I quit Evernote before scanning, then the app opens up with the scanned note (PDF or JPG). @Astralbodies fix works great (THANKS!) but you should be aware that you are doing things on the command line as an administrator so be careful if you don't understand the commands. As for Evernote caring or prioritizing a fix, don't hold your breath. I understand that they have a large variety of users but they have shown time and time again that they ignore user issues. and feature requests even premium users.
  2. LukeB - It happens to me routinely at work when I'm on the same network all day. Although my computer may 'lock' which could disable & reenable internet so you may be right in that regard. jelpern - yeah, that's seems to be the only solution. The problem is that I am used to automatic syncing so I'll go in to a meeting with my iPad and realize that Evernote didn't sync because my desktop app thinks its offline. That's much worse than the annoyance of just restarting, since I'm stuck without the notes I need.
  3. What we're seeing is frustration from users that a seemingly (on the surface) simple request that has been promised for nearly 3 years has still not been delivered. Excuses like EN is not a task management application are irrelevant; whether its a "Due Date" or "Subject Date" or whatever, lots of people need an additional date field for many reasons and the hacks are not scalable. I'll continue my lonely protest of not paying for EN (and I suspect there are thousands of other users like me) until it implements this basic field. Even though the free functions are sufficient for me, I pay for freemium apps which I use regularly to support developers. Except when the developers ignore user feedback or promise to deliver features but never do or don't bother to properly communicate with their users...
  4. I was getting these errors on a Mac OS X 10.7 and my iPad seemed to work fine! It seems to be better this week though so maybe the problem was fixed?
  5. DId any of you find a solution to this? Been having this problem for 2 weeks now but never had it before.
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