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  1. Thank you. You guys are much quicker than I thought. I have until November so I believe they debited me two months. That is fine and I will not run out next month I see on my account. If the receipt is different I will send in another ticket. But again thank you for being so fast!!!
  2. Umm didn't see above. Apple is now down so I hope I get a receipt my bank was debited. Do you want my bank post? Thanks Gberry
  3. Ummm well I was premium for over a year. I was trying to avoid the time delay and my account went to free. Now I have paid several times and my account shows free. So since I was premium and it went back to free an get no assistance?? I was premium. Or could it be due to this being Apple news day? The rest of this thread seems to have had the same problem in August. Trying to access my receipt but the store is down. Can anyone give me an idea what might be wrong? Thanks much. Evernote is kind of important to me since my work is on it. I see I only have three posts now because after all this time as Premium and two accounts I am new. Geez..... Should I be asking for a refund then? It said this morning I purchased this three times in Itunes Thanks to anyone out there that can help me. TxTicket # 16051-150839
  4. Same problem then just read those who show free accounts do not get answers from the other forum post in August. My premium expired and I tried to update at iTunes store. Nothing. Now afraid I am charged too many times. I sent email but to be fair I haven't given them long to answer. But when I read the other forum it says to post problem because once it is free they do not answer. Have no idea if this is true this is my first problem but posting as suggested. I love Evernote and really need mine as well. It is my most used product. Thank youTicket # 16051-150839
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