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  1. @jbenson2 - It is certainly not a must-have feature for non-student Evernote users. If non-students make up the majority of Evernote users, then I completely agree with you. However, my point was that in 2009 (http://www.census.gov/population/www/socdemo/school/cps2009.html) over 1/4 of the US population were students (77 million) and if EverNote wants *THEM* to adopt their app for notetaking purposes, they need to consider LaTex, or some equivalent. I would also add that even if students do make up the majority of EverNote users, I would argue that they are *NOT* using Evernote to take notes in class. This seems to me to be a pretty obvious business opportunity that would be worth pursuing.
  2. +1 for LaTeX in EverNote. As far as widespread use, I will admit that teachers, professors,and grad-students are (currently) the primary users of LaTeX. However, it is important to note that they use LaTeX because it is the most efficient method that they have found to write mathematical equations in electronic form. If EverNote hopes to become an integral part of a student's note-taking arsenal, there HAS to be a mechanism to quickly and efficiently construct equations since math is a crucial part of almost ANY educational program. Otherwise, there's always going to be this notepad that gets carried around for taking the notes that EverNote can't handle. And if I have to carry the notepad anyways... EverNote *needs* a LaTex plugin (or something equivalent)
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