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  1. As a music teacher, I was excited to use Evernotes recording ability to record assessments with my students (since I can put multiple files within a note and then transfer them easily to other places later). But the audio quality is so poor, that I am canceling my subscription and looking for other options (although none have been found yet). Please please please look in to this issue and see if there is a way to get better quality audio. My notes are only 20sec long at the most so they wouldn't take up much space. I can get an entire class of 32 students in a .mp3 of only 20 or so mb
  2. as a music teacher, I would LOVE to use EVERNOTE as a way of recording my students quickly. They quality currently is too poor to use this as a tool. It would be great to have the ability to vary the quality of the recordings. Please continue to improve this feature. Thanks
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