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  1. Thank you for your input. I'll try to answer your questions. 1. I saw this in passing yesterday, but I will have to read it again. Since I rarely sign in to my web based acct, I was not aware of my limit. That said, I have never approached 95% of my limit so this was a surprise. 2. Yes, my kids could use my computer, but they have no interest in Evernote and do not know how to sign in. No, I have not accessed any of the notes in years! They included info from my dd's first semester bio class that no one has looked at for 2 years in addition to at least 120+ notes. I could not discern any pattern of which ones were updated. All updating occurred on Thursday. 3. Sorry to be so unclear. Background - my 12 yold son has been using too much computer time so I went into my Windows control panel and created a separate user account just for him with his own password on Thursday night. Then I opened my Norton family control program and set limits (1 hr/day) for his computer time. He does not have an Evernote account and there was no icon on his desktop. He was pretty much focused on Minecraft :-) What I was trying to explain was that when you create a new user acct in Windows, some of the basic programs such as MS Word that were on my desktop were carried over to his account. As I said, there was no icon for Evernote, but after my problems started I searched his programs and saw that Evernote was listed, but that he had never clicked on it. I associated the creation of his acct with the problem only because it was the sole change that had been made to our system in that time period. I had been logged in to Evernote under my user acct on that computer, but on the desktop version not the web-based one. I do not even know how one could start a total update with out opening all the notes individually which I did not. 4. I am using Windows Vista. 5. I did submit a ticket with support, but have heard nothing yet. 6 . What did I do to stop the problem? I went to my Evernote app on my tablet and seeing that the problem had affected it too, I stopped the sync settings and put the tablet on airplane mode. I also logged out of my desktop version of Evernote. Then I opened Evernote on my web-browser. The problem was on all three "versions". 7. My temporary solution was to go to my main Evernote notebook, sort by most recently updated, filter out those updated on Thursday, and proceed to re-file them where they had been, i.e. recipes in my recipe notebook, calendars for the coming school year under Family Reference, etc. I then turned my tablet sync back on to see if it would refile the notes or continue updating. It refiled them :-) 8. I have no idea what started the initial problem, thus I don't know how to keep it from happening in the future. I would appreciate any ideas you could give me. Thanks again for your assistance. --Marjorie
  2. I hope on of you can help me find who I can contact regarding a MAJOR problem I am having with my Evernote account. I noticed this am that I had reached %95 of my limit when yesterday I had used only %4. Around noon today I went into my notebooks to pull up a note for my dd and saw that nothing was in order and documents I had created two years ago were showing updated yesterday. I logged out of my account on my desktop and put my tablet on airplane mode to try to stop the synching. The only cause I can think of is that I made a new user account for my 12 yold yesterday on my desktop. I did not put evernote on his user account, but when I pulled up programs it shows Evernote. So did it decide to update my entire database? Needless to say I do not want to do this and don't know how to handle it. Any ideas? Does anyone know how to reach support? Thanks for any help you can give. -Marjorie
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