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  1. I am glad I was able to reverse that decision... If this is the direction that the Windows desktop client is going then it will be the final nail in the coffin (of a long string of bad design decisions that have happened over the last couple of years). Like ninjawil my workflow is pivotal on the ability to nest tags and would make EN unusable if the ability is removed.
  2. I want to add my vote for this functionality. Basically what is needed by a lot of people (doing a quick google search) is the same ability that you can do on the "favorites" bar added to individual notes. I can drop a "note", "tag", or "notebook" onto the "favorites" bar for quick link access. Besides needing more space then is available on the "favorites" bar, I have several lengthy individual "workflow/process" notes that would benefit from having all 3 types of links inline. Ideally it would be as easy as it already is to drag the 3 types to the "favorites" bar. Just add the same ability t
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