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  1. Good Day I have a Windows 8 tablet running on an Intel chip. Most of the time, I use the Modern/Metro app which works fine but there are times when I need to use the Desktop app. My question is: if I installed both versions of the apps, would they use the same database or would they each have their own database? Would there be any issues/corruption if I used one over the other? Thank you!
  2. I had uninstalled the older version and installed the newer one. There is definitely some improvements as I was only able to sync to less than 10% on the previous version. With this new one, it goes up to just over 50% and then quits on itself. The screen was never off, it was always on, which is how I can see that the app quits on its own.
  3. I don't think there should be an issue keeping it awake since there are video apps like ABC player and Netflix that can do it right now.
  4. I don't need it to run in the background but it would be great if Evernote could program the RT app to stay awake and complete the initial sync before moving on, just like what it does with the Windows Phone 8 app. I see an update for Sketch, when is one coming for Windows RT?
  5. I think when the screen has gone dark, the Surface has actually gone to sleep. So apps are quietly hibernated and brought back to life when you turn the screenback on. You can change your power plan to not hibernate, and as long as you keep Evernote on the screen (even it's it is snapped to the side) it'll keep syncing. To change the power plan you'll have to go into the Desktop and find Control Panel The problem is, even after adjusting the power options, Evernote quits on its own. I have to relaunch it and start syncing again and it would quit not long after.
  6. Good Day I've been using Everntoe faithfully for the longest time and love it. I just got a Surface RT and was glad to see Evernote available for it. Unfortunately, my excitement turned to despair as it seems that the app does not sync in the background. I have over 6000 notes and it seems that after the screen goes dark, it stops syncing. If I leave the app and do something else on the computer, it seems to stop syncing as well. Is there a way around this?
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