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  1. Hello all, This conversation thread illustrates a gap in Evernote. What I have been looking for is a simple and fast way, using keyboard shortcuts, to insert a predefined templated note into whatever notebook I am currently in. This would be my understanding of a "template" functioning well. For example, I want to click on my Projects notebook, then hit Ctrl "P" and have a note created that has the text I have defined. I then want to tab through it to enter text as needed until I get to the bottom. Currently the best I can do is using AutoHotKey, and inserting into the default notebook. It isn't bad, but I keep wishing it was smoother. Thanks for all the effort. Its a good community here....
  2. You mean that you commented on this guy's thread to blatantly promote your own app? That's pretty lame. Not at all sure I want to support that kind of behaviour...
  3. I mentioned this elsewhere, but this might be a better place. What about the ability to adjust the font size in the list view. I use the list view for a task list (task note are in the body); the small font is a bit too small to make this easy to work with. Thanks for the consideration, Gordon
  4. Hi, This is still a bug.... Tried to do it today, and still printed the note text. For those of use who use note titles as tasks, and want to print a list of tasks, this feature would be quite useful. A header using the notebook title, date and time would be a valuable addition as well. ....enjoying Evernote more, the more I figure out how it works... Thanks! -Gordon
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