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  1. I'm new to EverNote and frankly I am a bit surprised at how emotionally charged this discussion of color is! COLOR (or lack thereof) is the number one reason I have been reluctant to use EverNote, and I am still not sure I will continue using it if you aren't going to do something about it. I have used a color coded filing system for years, and I don't want to give it up. What I want is simple - I want to be able to use different color icons for my notebook stacks and notebook icons. Its just quick visual for me to see what general area something belongs to. I know I could make tags: red, yellow, whatever. But that is not the point. Anyway, I think the first post covered all of that quite well - and it is certainly true for me. My brain would rather find something quickly via color and imagery than by reading a bunch of text. The fact that you could make this OPTIONAL should satisfy everyone, so as a newbie, I'm really having a hard time understanding why the EverNote decision makers would impose only one way of looking at this on everyone. Flame away, but you won't make me "like" simple tagging better than my color coded filing system - I'm just not wired up that way.
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