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  1. Thank you Sorry beat a dead horse unknowingly. I will search to see the advantages of the EN system of non multilevel nesting over the others and get all my questions answered through what has already been discussed. Thanks for your time and patience..
  2. Gentelmen, I will try the suggested techniques because yes, it is unfair for me to downplay them without fully having tried them. My question would be, is this new way of thinking and this workaround better? Does it work better and add more benefits than having nested notebooks with tags? Or is it simply a workaround to the fact that nesting is not an option? So I guess my question actually ends up being, is this Evernote design actually a better productivity system and in essence everyone who is of a nesting mindset should change over to be more productive? Nesting is an old mindset that is not as efficient as tagging. It would be worth everyone to take the time and change their way of thinking to the Evernote system. Is it possible that Evernote purposely did not do nesting because it feels that the tagging mindset is more productive? Would these be fair statements? Thank you for your responses
  3. So I came to Evernote from MS OneNote. I had grand visions in my mind of using all these features where OneNote was weak. Web clipping, e-mailing to my notebook etc. Alas, when I go to set up my system and transfer my OneNote binders into ever note I have come to find that something as standard as nesting folders is not an option with Evernote. Now I'm sure it's not as simple as it sounds on the development side so I grant you that. But you are in the business of software development. If almost every other software application out there can do nesting folders as a standard feature surely you can also with a little effort. Yes I know there are workarounds to this problem, but why do I have to pull my hair out trying to figure out a way to make nested folders with tags etc. when they should be something standard like the rest of the programs in the world. Judging from all the posts on the forum this is obviously something that the market is used to and would like to have. Please let me know when Evernote will have nesting abilities because until then I will just have to stick with OneNote. And maybe by then OneNote will have caught up with some of the great features that Evernote currently has. This is actually very sad I really want to use Evernote, but without the nesting it really is not worth my time and effort setting up this workaround which really isn't all that great anyway. Thank you for your efforts and I hope I am able to use you in the future.
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