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  1. Its been four months since my last post, time to start public awareness of this flaw in evernote, and evernote not addressing it. Evernote is brutal to use on a high resolution display. Time to start looking at other software options. Have a 3200 display. Fonts and other features such as check boxes are unable to be seen. It's been 1/2 a year, any interest in using modern programming standards to know the display resolution you are displaying on?
  2. Is this ever going to be addressed? It's June 2014 tomorrow, my check boxes are still unreadable (checked or not), the fonts are too small, please provide support to all notebooks, not just the mass cheap ones!
  3. Just adding to the conversation: Please, please, please work on this quickly! Adobe just released their fix (menu was so small in Adobe apps on my new Dell XPS 15 (3200 across)) it finally because usable. All the work arounds are just that - "work arounds" and don't work all that well. Need to keep the computer in native mode, the windows zoom features are a pain to use (trades poor interface for visual increase), and it's hard to use Evernote unless it gets updated. Please don't wait to long, your early adopters are in need of this feature as the top end laptops are all 2500 - 3200 horizontal now!
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