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  1. Hello. When I click + and click Camera icon to start taking pictures, it automatically snapshots and captures photos without me clicking anything. I believe it does that when it "thinks" there is a document. But the recognition is far from perfect. I would rather just aim and focus and click the shutter myself. Are we that lazy now even clicking a button is intolerable? 1. There is a setting to turn off auto camera capture right? 2. Also is there a setting to turn off auto document processing? I just want a picture of every paper.
  2. Swagat, thanks. Your instructions helped me solve it completely. I had this problem on Mac OS Mountain Lion.
  3. One week has passed. Not a single sync failure for me and my wife for our use cases (iOS, Large photos only, up to 5 photos or so per note, perhaps 1-5 notes everyday). Thanks a lot. Still feel sorry for the users who are experiencing problems.
  4. Much improvement this morning. But my primary use case is Large size photos only. Got about 20 snapshots synced with zero failure. Just like before. Hope this trend continues.
  5. I suggest if there is any news article about Evernote and if the site allows comments, we should join the site and add our feedback beneath the articles. e.g. PC World http://www.pcworld.c...e-business.html Mac World http://www.macworld.com/article/2014079/evernote-5-launches-with-revised-interface-new-search-and-collaboration-features.html
  6. Yes, confirming the problem still exists with Actual Size photos. This is very frustrating. Logging a support ticket eventually boils down to "Yes problem has been reported as a bug, now closing your ticket". Why would a ticket be closed if the problem still exists? >> BUT like many issues here, it would help a lot if we knew the problem is known/accepted and is due to be fixed ASAP. I still don't know if EN has accepted this as a bug and is working on it. The latest update from them in this thread is: the solution has been deployed and you should not have this problem any more. What's ASAP?
  7. The problem has gone away for me yesterday and today. It may be a coincident... but problem was gone right after I upgraded from iOS5 to iOS6.0.1 (iPhone 4S). I have EN's latest client, tested with Large and Actual Size photos. Tested only a few times, so not a very extensive test. But previously I got 95% failure rate. So it is a definite and surprising improvement. Some other Apps also have problem with iOS5. E.g. Native GMail always crashes when I try to zoom in an email content. But problem simply disappears after upgrading to iOS6. UPDATE on Jan 16, 2013: This was a fluke. Problem exists.
  8. No, the new "balancer" has not fixed the problem. I don't know how much you have paid your third party to implement the fix. But get a refund. >> That would likely be why there was a lull in posts in this thread. Not really. A simpler explanation is people are on vacation.
  9. Phil, thanks for the update. If that's the case, I think your status web site should not say all systems are running smoothly http://status.evernote.com/ Evernote Status Dec 14, 2012 (12:36 pm PT) All systems are running smoothly All services are available at this time. Nonetheless, I'm happy to hear some progress has been made.
  10. This is a clear sign of a failing internet company. Instead of complaining, let's research alternatives and post them here. If there is a competing product that can take photos and do OCR searching, I'll move instantaneously and pay for a different service. Google Drive? OfficeDrop? SugarSync? My Nevernote premium account will expire mid January. Bye.
  11. Turning Airplane mode on and off did not help me. The problem is intermittent. It's possible during a re-send attempt it happened to work. It's like my car doesn't start, except sometimes it does if I try several times. I could turn my bedroom light on and off and try starting my car again. It's possible it got started after that. It's not a workaround, let alone a solution. Adding text will also work. The problem is with adding Photos. To Evernote developers, have you lost your drive to be good engineers? This is a fun and challenging problem. You will be helping both your customers and your company. If the problem is not reproduceable on your end, please contact me. You have my service ticket number 16051-185216. It's reproduceable 9 out of 10 times. Ask me for logs or whatever you need to diagnose the problem (except delete and re-install the app which I have done 5 times and did not help. Let's not repeat the same thing and hope the problem will go away.) If the problem is reproduceable on your end, then what are you waiting for? Syncing photo and audio on iPhone should be your core business. Or is it not? To Evernote product management, I understand you are trying to promote Evernote Business. Do you think a CEO or CIO would not research your product before signing up? I bet they'll see this thread. What impression will they have? I don't get it.
  12. Phil, Toggling Airport mode did not fix the problem for me. I had one note that was stuck. It had one photo. It's a page from a recipe book. I killed the EN app. Then set iPhone to airport mode. Turned iPhone airport mode back to off after 10 seconds. Ran EN again. It started to sync. After a long time got Sync Failure as usual (log showed The request timed out) I went into Settings to pressed Sync Now. This I did 3 more times. The first two times got sync failure. The third time it succeeded. Let me offer a diagnosis: The server(s) are overloaded and cannot handle so many people using them. Or perhaps they are set to not give high priority to some category of users due to location/usage/etc (explaining why we are not seeing hundreds or thousands of complaints). So the users need to try again and again until they finally and luckily get hold of some resource. I do not believe there can be any workaround on the client side. I'll happily apologize if I'm found wrong. I have downloaded the 99 cent client QEver to see if it helps. Same thing. Simple text notes sync'd quickly. Any notes with photos got an error. I know emailing works and since taking photos is my main use case, I'll happily pay for a new app that takes photos and immediately sync to EN by simply emailing them to my address. Perhaps I'll make such an app and sell it.
  13. Same. I'm also a Premium member. Support ticket has no use. Only received instructions to delete and re-install. Done that more than 5 times. Including rolling back to EN 4.4. Same problem. On iphone 4s, iOS5. Tried both EN 5.0 and 4.4. Definitely a server problem, not related to iPhone client versions, because I bought a .99 client named QEver to see if it helps and experienced the same problem there. Whenever photo is taken by camera, then it also returns error. The support staff seems to be very nonchalant about this. I am giving up EN. Please suggest an alternative. I'll gladly move on.
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