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  1. This interface is terrible and awful. Not efficient. Just done by designers that are pleased to show their agility at providing a new interface. But IT IS NOT EFFICIENT !! The important issue is to be able to see everything at once if you want to. If some people do not want to see everything give them a mode "distraction less" but for those that do not need that, give them an efficient UI !!! Beauty is not an issue when you have about 2000 notes... +1 to go back to the old interface... (which I did)
  2. Please make the colors back!! I don't know why Evernote turned to grey ONLY style of icons... It's so boring.. Mountain Lion is already so dull... Mac was supposed to have some fun in it!! I hope that Evernote will correct their policy and put an optional switch where you can have either colored or grey style... I use Evernote to write blog notes and articles.. And this interface is so boring that I don't have any inspiration from it.. So I am considering switching to another software with more colors :-)
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