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  1. In case anyone is interested, I fixed the line break issue and another, related, issue by taking the following steps: In Power Query - Replace values for each character that needs special handling. #(lf) is changed to <br /> and & is changed to &amp; In Excel VBA - Although the referenced macro (and variants) make the above transformations in a function called cBr, I found that it didn't work with Doc.Write. So I skipped the call. The relevant code, DOC.WriteText CBr(.Cells(iRow, "B").Value) 'Note becomes DOC.WriteText .Cells(iRow, "B").Value 'Note
  2. Since ENEX is simply an XML file, it's not too hard to convert spreadsheets to Evernote notes. Way back in 2012, I wrote a clumsy converter. Too bad I hadn't found Marty Zigman's blog post (Importing Microsoft Excel Data into Evernote without a Premium Account) before I had finished mine. Anyway, in the comments, many Excel users chimed in with various hints, questions and, most importantly, modifications to Marty's script. I have to use Doc.Write and UTF-8, because I want to preserve the Chinese characters that are pasted into Excel. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to force the lin
  3. Just FYI, someone with a Mac just successfully imported the .ENEX file that I created on Windows 10. Thanks again!
  4. Hi there! Can anyone confirm the truth of the following statement? An ENEX file created on Windows machine can be copied to a Mac machine and imported to the Mac's Evernote desktop application. I'm assuming that, since ENEX is an XML file structure, it should work.
  5. Yep, my log are filled with these. I thought it was limited to my Gmail tab, but other web pages fail to sync, as well.
  6. That's a ton of potentially useful options!
  7. Heh. I knew this would not be news. You know, I never once opened the Options dialog? Thanks for showing me where the cool stuff is hidden! Cheers, Mitch
  8. This may not be news to power users, but I just discovered that Evernote will add tags from my search to a new note! If I put this into my search box: tag:MyTag The results show all notes tagged MyTag. If I do not clear the search box, but immediately click the New Note icon, Evernote opens a new, blank note in my default notebook. The MyTag tag is added! Is there a list of other neat tricks like this? I wonder what other time-savers I've never seen. Cheers, Mitch
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