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  1. Yes, I paid via iPhone's in-app upgrade. When I try to repeat the process I get the pop-up message that I have already bought that upgrade. I attached a screen from my iTunes purchase history (it's in Portuguese, the code is: MHY7M1W3M), this is the first time I have a problem buying something from the App Store and my account card is OK. Can you help?
  2. I did not get this problem until I upgraded my account, so there must be some kind of connection. I tried the 'logging out and back in' trick but the problem persists. Thank you for the reply
  3. Yes, I experience now the same problem. I have Evernote apps on my Mac, iPad and iPhone and every time I open the iPhone's app (where I bought the premium account) I get that pop up requesting for my Apple ID's password. I believe the app is trying to make the upgrade process but nothing happens. I also erased and reinstaled the app, etc, but the problem remains. Hope anyone can help me soon, I mean, I want to pay for the (great) service Evernote gives but the time I decide to upgrade I have this problem. Oh well...
  4. Hi! I'm facing the same problem (Ticket # 16051-147950). Hope it all gets solved soon.
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