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  1. Thanks, gbarry for getting my account straightened-out. There is one small lingering issue that seems related, and didn't stop happening when my account was manually upgraded. I thought I'd put it here to give those who are troubleshooting the problem one more piece of the puzzle... I have Evernote on 4 devices: a Mac, a Windows PC, iPhone, and iPad. When I originally tried to upgrade my account I did it from my iPad as an "in-app purchase". Ever since then, every time I open the Evernote on the iPad I am prompted for my Apple ID's password. It doesn't seem to matter if I enter it & tap OK, or just cancel. It happens every time, and only on the iPad. I've tried deleting the app, reset the iPad, re-download Evernote, basically all the normal "kick-it-in-the-pants" stuff you would think to try. Hope this is of some use, and I wonder if anyone else is seeing this, and if they found a solution.
  2. Thanks gbarry, I've sent along the requested info. I do hope this can be resolved quickly as I have an urgent need for the sharing / edit and offline notebook features. Deadlines are looming!
  3. I seem to be stuck in a catch-22. I have paid for an upgrade to premium, (via an iOS in-app purchase) and have the receipt from Apple, but my EN account still lists me as having a "Free" account. And since it thinks I'm Free, I can find no way of contacting support about the problem, short of waiting until they get around to answering all of the Free account support tickets that have piled up in front of me. That means I have paid for features that I need and am not getting. There needs to be a way for upgrade problems to get through to support!
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