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  1. https://ifttt.com/recipes/58229 that is the example feed to set up a link strait to your evenote account. It works only if your account is public but if you make a obscure account and not make it obvious its you privacy shouldnt be a issue . plus as its a rss feed you can have literally 40 going at once with the same ifttt account.. but if you must keep it private or you want to log from a account that is shared selectively i would say just grab the free account at https://zapier.com/
  2. good news if you have a public twitter feed you can still make a news feed rss trigger and send strait to evenote I have accounts and only two of them am I happy to release in to the wild but the third i send to evenote using Zapier which the free account is a 5 hour refresh but since that one feed i don't want in the wild its a small sacrifice for a life journal I will get the feed for how to set it up soon
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