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  1. There are times when I'd like to attach an image to a note, but I don't want to display the image inline. I just want it to treat the image file like it would treat a binary file attachment. I tried editing some ENML to change the mime type, but it still rendered the image inline.
  2. I also recently bought a ScanSnap, but I don't have this issue. I suspect you need to change your scansnap manager settings to tell it that you are scanning multi page documents. The result should be that you can drop a 10 paged document into the scan snap, hit the scan button, wait for it to scan all 10 pages, watch it do some processing on all 10, and then EN should have 1 new note, with 1 multipage pdf attached.
  3. Let's add a little context, most of which has already been divulged on the forums, as this is a fairly common request. Yes, it's possible: Evernote even does it on at least one of the iOS clients. And you can add it yourself, by hand, with the EMNL Editor (http://enml-editor.ping13.net/). It's really just a little bit of HTML. And if it were generally available, then, like other font options, it'd be up to the user to decide whether or not it's appropriate for their usage. There is no big (or small) can of worms to the technology. It's really just adding some UI to each of the clients, and that's where the higher priorities I speak of come in. Wow thanks for pointing me toward the enml editor. I had assumed the reason EN didn't allow images to be resized was that they simply didn't support it, but clearly they do (in the markup). I'm considering writing my own service to resize all my large images. Crazy that they don't let you do this from the client.
  4. I'll add some input as a heavy OneNote user. First, I will agree that that the ability to click anywhere to start taking notes i snice, but I can see the difficulties in implementing it across platforms and in the EN format. However, what I think would be a nice middle ground, would be the ability to click anywhere in the EN whitespace and start typing on that line. There are lots of times when I want white space, but in order to get it I have to click somewhere and enter a bunch of carriage returns.
  5. I'm also shocked that this isn't a built in feature. I'd be more than happy with a simple setting for default resolution (low, med, high, max). With 8MP cameras on the new iphones, this will consume way more data than anyone would need for the vast majority of pictures. Using 3rd party apps to do this is an option, but really it should be built into the EN app. Equally amazing to me is that this also isn't available in the windows client. Click an image, go down to the corner and resize it to however big you want it to appear in your note. Seems a pretty basic feature. Shouldn't have to open up an image editing application for something so simple. The most basic content editors allow for resizing images. Heck, even this HTML editor I'm currently typing into allows for image display size changes see? See? What I just did in 2 seconds in my browser takes a 3rd party editing tool with EN. That's not right. And this IS the core functionality of EN. We aren't talking about image manipulation like photoshop, we are talking about laying out content on a note at just about the most basic level. EDIT: HAHHA. The HTML editor DOES let you quickly resize images, but when you save, Evernote strips the image size off leaving them to original size. EN just must hate image resizers like me
  6. In Evernote, Right-click on image/photo and select "Open with SnagIT" Edit the photo in SnagIT In SnagIT menu, select "Save" Close SnagIT window (CTRL+W) Image/Photo will be automatically updated in Evernote Thanks. That works, but this is a bit of a pain compared with OneNote for example, where you just resize the image right in the note. It's literally a 1 click operation.
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