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  1. I've been putting TSW into action for myself through necessity--my previous app, portableEPIM, is disjointed and sometimes blocked by client networks from loading off of my flash drive. Plus, it doesn't sync and therefore is not on my phone. But I'm having a problem with the EN phone app. I have a saved search in the desktop EN. It searches the "Pending" notebook for the tag "6-weekend" and filters out the tag "finance" by using "-finance" in the search bar. Running it today on the desktop I have five notes/tasks displayed. Running it on the phone, my results are "No notes were found". Anyone have an idea why this is so? The phone app is difficult to use for TSW it seems to me, because it has limited methods for displaying things. If I look at the Pending notebook, I see every task, which is really useless. I may have to resort to using a separate notebook for Now, Soon, etc., which negates some of the fluid nature of using tags for organization. Any thoughts?
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