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  1. Encryption kills Evernote's ability to index information.

    Video on Evernote encryption

    Overview of Evernote encryption

    https://support.ever...9 3&docID=23768

    Type of Evernote encryption

    https://support.ever...0 4&docID=23797

    Lots of additional encryption information on this forum - just use the search feature to get up to speed.

    >>Encryption kills Evernote's ability to index information.<<

    But I would be more than happy to to forgo indexing capability of these documents to have encrypting at the "entire note level." In this instance, I am moving product support documents that contain screen images. The documents are currently encrypted at my skydrive. It's a real wrinkle in my 'move to en plans' that these documents cannot be encrypted. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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