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  1. Hi.  A while back I noticed that my Fujitsu ScanSnap scans into Evernote were not working correctly.
    Looking at the Apple Script below, can anyone tell me what might be going wrong.
    I think that one or both of these scripts were, probably copied from this forum, and, at one time, working. 



    // Possible Evernote Script #1
    on run {input, parameters}
        repeat with this_item in the input
            set item_info to info for this_item
            tell application id "com.evernote.evernote"
                create note from file this_item
            end tell
        end repeat
        return input
    end run

    //Possible Evernote Script #2
    on adding folder items to thisFolder after receiving newFiles
         delay 5
         repeat with newFile in newFiles
              tell application "Evernote" to create note from file newFile
              tell application "Finder" to delete (newFile)
         end repeat
    end adding folder items to


  2. Hi.  I recently noticed that my scanned documents were not being deleted after being imported into EN.

    After reading posts on this topic, I noticed that this functionality (applescript automation of EN) was lost after the upgrade to 10.0.

    I did not see any feedback from EN staff regarding when this functionality would be restored.

    Does anyone know the status of Applescript automation of EN in version 10+?

    Will it be restored?  When will it be restored?

    If any exists, what is the current Applescript / EN API?

  3. Hi.  Sometimes, I have great difficulty scrolling to the top of a list.  For instance, when I search all notes for a certain string, scan the long list of search returns by scrolling down the list, find the desired note, then cancel my search, by pressing the X on the search bar, EN will understandably leave me on the last note i was viewing.   The problem starts when I drag the vertical scroll control to the top of the list.  When I drag the v-scroll control to the top of the list, and release the right mouse button, EN will bounce the vertical scroll control back down the list.  If I drag the v-control back up to the top again, EN will bounce it back down again... and again... and again.  Have others noticed this issue?  Workarounds?  Has EN identified this issue as a problem?  Thanks.  

  4. I, too, am seeing high cpu usage by en with version 

    Be nice if windows incorporated enhancements which...
    - allow users to set, right in task mgr, max cpu possible for an app
    - forced an app to report the reason for cpu usage above a certain level...  so we would know, for instance, that en is indexing the db, etc.

    Be nice if en would throttle-back non-critical, long running, high cpu operations, when sensing keyboard and mouse activity.

  5. 3 hours ago, CalS said:

    Your are welcome.  

    Yes, you can have multiple accounts stored on the same computer.  Just go to File - Add another user to sign in to additional accounts.  A data base, a .EXB file, will be created for each account.  You should get an icon in your task bar for each account open to facilitate switching between them.

    Cal, suppose I add, as you described, my work en user to my personal account, and can then access both my personal en, and my work en, from same en instance...  

    If everyone that accesses my work en uses the same login that i use, will they have access to my personal en info?

  6. 2 hours ago, gazumped said:

    Hi.  Evernote is not a word-processor and does not support line spacing as such.  Pasting from another app will often bring hidden style codes that display a particular spacing,  but if you remove the formatting from the note it will often revert back to standard single spacing.  The only way to preserve layout would be to attach the original app output file - a DOCX or PDF file - so you can edit as necessary.  If you don't see the content of the document as part of your note,  you could copy and paste the 'de-styled' text into the note purely for reference and (maybe) search index purposes...

    Thanks Gazumped.  EN could do a better job of preserving original line-spacing/formatting.  They might start with a new, very targeted, format-preserving preference enhancement:  Preserve Original Line Spacing. 

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