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  1. Hi. A while back I noticed that my Fujitsu ScanSnap scans into Evernote were not working correctly. Looking at the Apple Script below, can anyone tell me what might be going wrong. I think that one or both of these scripts were, probably copied from this forum, and, at one time, working. Thanks. // Possible Evernote Script #1 (* on run {input, parameters} repeat with this_item in the input set item_info to info for this_item tell application id "com.evernote.evernote" activate create note from file thi
  2. Though I have not used this version long, I have not yet seen the problem in the 10.9.10-mac version.
  3. Enjoyed the Behind the Scenes video update. Does anyone know which language / libraries are being used to build the five clients?
  4. Hi. I recently noticed that my scanned documents were not being deleted after being imported into EN. After reading posts on this topic, I noticed that this functionality (applescript automation of EN) was lost after the upgrade to 10.0. I did not see any feedback from EN staff regarding when this functionality would be restored. Does anyone know the status of Applescript automation of EN in version 10+? Will it be restored? When will it be restored? If any exists, what is the current Applescript / EN API?
  5. Hi. I have 10.8.5-mac. All my EN notes are often blank when I restart my Mac from Sleep mode. If I select to quit/restart EN, the notes will reappear. I applied the "fix version" a while back, but this problem continued. What's the cause? I'd love a somewhat technical description. When can we expect a fix? Thanks.
  6. Hi. How do I setup EN so that it does not place a period when the space-bar is pressed twice?
  7. I've had a very similar problem before--the text of notes missing--which was temporarily eliminated by quitting EN and then starting EN. Now, the problem is worse (no sidebar/no notes) and I am unable to correct it with a restart of EN or the Mac. I've attached a screen-shot. Thanks.
  8. Thanks Gazumped. This problem seems to have resolved itself. The next day, I woke my Mac from Sleep and tried to pull-up EN. Twice the start of EN failed. However, three is the charm, as is often said. Sure enough, EN started and my note bodies are now, once again, visible.
  9. Hi. I have 10.15.7 Catalina. If I select Evernote / About Evernote, a blank page displays. So, I can't tell you the version of EN running on my Mac. Also, if I select a Notebook and a Note, a blank page displays. However, all notes display on my Windows and Android devices--only my Mac EN seems to be affected. What is the solution? Thanks.
  10. Hello, My Evernote Add-on for Firefox disappeared again. I went to the Firefox site to add it back and noticed that Firefox does not recommend the Evernote Add-On. Does anyone know why... - Evernote is not recommended by Mozilla/Firefox? - Evernote scores such a low 3 stars at the Firefox site? - my Evernote Add-On needs to be occasionally reinstalled? Thanks, Doug
  11. Hi. In Windows, when I wanted a file imported into EN, I would save the file to a location on the Windows hard drive. Where is that location on the Mac? Thanks.
  12. Thanks guys. Yes, I had to be in Notebook view to perform the drag-n-drop. If memory serves me, the process of moving a notebook from one stack to another stack, was much easier and more intuitive, in Windows. I can't help but wonder why this less intuitive method was necessary/selected for the Mac.
  13. Thanks for the feedback PinkElephant and DTLow. I mis-typed... I meant to type that I was unable to drag-n-drop a Notebook on a Stack. I have a notebook Mac Stuff and would like to place that notebook under the stack Computer Technology. With EN on the Mac, I don't seem to be able to create (or drag-n-drop) a Notebook under a Stack.
  14. Hi. I just starting using EN with a Mac. How do I place a note under a stack? I think with Windows I was able to just drag the note and drop it on a stack. That does not seem possible with the Mac.
  15. Hello Gurus, This morning, pressing the Home key did not work. Now, it's working. Thanks!
  16. Hi. Sometimes, I have great difficulty scrolling to the top of a list. For instance, when I search all notes for a certain string, scan the long list of search returns by scrolling down the list, find the desired note, then cancel my search, by pressing the X on the search bar, EN will understandably leave me on the last note i was viewing. The problem starts when I drag the vertical scroll control to the top of the list. When I drag the v-scroll control to the top of the list, and release the right mouse button, EN will bounce the vertical scroll control back down the list. If I drag th
  17. I, too, am seeing high cpu usage by en with version Be nice if windows incorporated enhancements which... - allow users to set, right in task mgr, max cpu possible for an app - forced an app to report the reason for cpu usage above a certain level... so we would know, for instance, that en is indexing the db, etc. Be nice if en would throttle-back non-critical, long running, high cpu operations, when sensing keyboard and mouse activity.
  18. Hi Arneto,
    How did you disable automatic bulleting in Evernote for Windows?


  19. No, not cross platform, just web EN to local installed EN... on the same machine.
  20. By the way, this failure to maintain line-spacing sometimes happens when I paste text from one EN to another EN. You'd think that EN would be able to preserve line-spacing in EN-to-EN copy / paste situations.
  21. Cal, suppose I add, as you described, my work en user to my personal account, and can then access both my personal en, and my work en, from same en instance... If everyone that accesses my work en uses the same login that i use, will they have access to my personal en info?
  22. Thanks Cal. A related question: Am I able to have two different en accounts, installed locally, on my computer? I think my company's en is the free en version.
  23. Thanks Gazumped. EN could do a better job of preserving original line-spacing/formatting. They might start with a new, very targeted, format-preserving preference enhancement: Preserve Original Line Spacing.
  24. Hi. When I paste text into EN, with Ctrl-V, often the space between lines is greatly increased. Sometimes, if I paste the text with Ctrl-Shift-V, the white space between lines is decreased--sometimes too much. How can I paste text into EN and keep the original line spacing? Thanks, Doug
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