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  1. Hi. A while back I noticed that my Fujitsu ScanSnap scans into Evernote were not working correctly. Looking at the Apple Script below, can anyone tell me what might be going wrong. I think that one or both of these scripts were, probably copied from this forum, and, at one time, working. Thanks. // Possible Evernote Script #1 (* on run {input, parameters} repeat with this_item in the input set item_info to info for this_item tell application id "com.evernote.evernote" activate create note from file this_item end tell end repeat return input end run *) //Possible Evernote Script #2 (* on adding folder items to thisFolder after receiving newFiles delay 5 repeat with newFile in newFiles tell application "Evernote" to create note from file newFile tell application "Finder" to delete (newFile) end repeat end adding folder items to *)
  2. Though I have not used this version long, I have not yet seen the problem in the 10.9.10-mac version.
  3. Enjoyed the Behind the Scenes video update. Does anyone know which language / libraries are being used to build the five clients?
  4. Hi. I recently noticed that my scanned documents were not being deleted after being imported into EN. After reading posts on this topic, I noticed that this functionality (applescript automation of EN) was lost after the upgrade to 10.0. I did not see any feedback from EN staff regarding when this functionality would be restored. Does anyone know the status of Applescript automation of EN in version 10+? Will it be restored? When will it be restored? If any exists, what is the current Applescript / EN API?
  5. Hi. I have 10.8.5-mac. All my EN notes are often blank when I restart my Mac from Sleep mode. If I select to quit/restart EN, the notes will reappear. I applied the "fix version" a while back, but this problem continued. What's the cause? I'd love a somewhat technical description. When can we expect a fix? Thanks.
  6. Hi. How do I setup EN so that it does not place a period when the space-bar is pressed twice?
  7. I've had a very similar problem before--the text of notes missing--which was temporarily eliminated by quitting EN and then starting EN. Now, the problem is worse (no sidebar/no notes) and I am unable to correct it with a restart of EN or the Mac. I've attached a screen-shot. Thanks.
  8. Thanks Gazumped. This problem seems to have resolved itself. The next day, I woke my Mac from Sleep and tried to pull-up EN. Twice the start of EN failed. However, three is the charm, as is often said. Sure enough, EN started and my note bodies are now, once again, visible.
  9. Hi. I have 10.15.7 Catalina. If I select Evernote / About Evernote, a blank page displays. So, I can't tell you the version of EN running on my Mac. Also, if I select a Notebook and a Note, a blank page displays. However, all notes display on my Windows and Android devices--only my Mac EN seems to be affected. What is the solution? Thanks.
  10. Hello, My Evernote Add-on for Firefox disappeared again. I went to the Firefox site to add it back and noticed that Firefox does not recommend the Evernote Add-On. Does anyone know why... - Evernote is not recommended by Mozilla/Firefox? - Evernote scores such a low 3 stars at the Firefox site? - my Evernote Add-On needs to be occasionally reinstalled? Thanks, Doug
  11. Hi. In Windows, when I wanted a file imported into EN, I would save the file to a location on the Windows hard drive. Where is that location on the Mac? Thanks.
  12. Thanks guys. Yes, I had to be in Notebook view to perform the drag-n-drop. If memory serves me, the process of moving a notebook from one stack to another stack, was much easier and more intuitive, in Windows. I can't help but wonder why this less intuitive method was necessary/selected for the Mac.
  13. Thanks for the feedback PinkElephant and DTLow. I mis-typed... I meant to type that I was unable to drag-n-drop a Notebook on a Stack. I have a notebook Mac Stuff and would like to place that notebook under the stack Computer Technology. With EN on the Mac, I don't seem to be able to create (or drag-n-drop) a Notebook under a Stack.
  14. Hi. I just starting using EN with a Mac. How do I place a note under a stack? I think with Windows I was able to just drag the note and drop it on a stack. That does not seem possible with the Mac.
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