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  1. Hello Gurus, This morning, pressing the Home key did not work. Now, it's working. Thanks!
  2. Hi. Sometimes, I have great difficulty scrolling to the top of a list. For instance, when I search all notes for a certain string, scan the long list of search returns by scrolling down the list, find the desired note, then cancel my search, by pressing the X on the search bar, EN will understandably leave me on the last note i was viewing. The problem starts when I drag the vertical scroll control to the top of the list. When I drag the v-scroll control to the top of the list, and release the right mouse button, EN will bounce the vertical scroll control back down the list. If I drag the v-control back up to the top again, EN will bounce it back down again... and again... and again. Have others noticed this issue? Workarounds? Has EN identified this issue as a problem? Thanks.
  3. I, too, am seeing high cpu usage by en with version Be nice if windows incorporated enhancements which... - allow users to set, right in task mgr, max cpu possible for an app - forced an app to report the reason for cpu usage above a certain level... so we would know, for instance, that en is indexing the db, etc. Be nice if en would throttle-back non-critical, long running, high cpu operations, when sensing keyboard and mouse activity.
  4. No, not cross platform, just web EN to local installed EN... on the same machine.
  5. By the way, this failure to maintain line-spacing sometimes happens when I paste text from one EN to another EN. You'd think that EN would be able to preserve line-spacing in EN-to-EN copy / paste situations.
  6. Cal, suppose I add, as you described, my work en user to my personal account, and can then access both my personal en, and my work en, from same en instance... If everyone that accesses my work en uses the same login that i use, will they have access to my personal en info?
  7. Thanks Cal. A related question: Am I able to have two different en accounts, installed locally, on my computer? I think my company's en is the free en version.
  8. Thanks Gazumped. EN could do a better job of preserving original line-spacing/formatting. They might start with a new, very targeted, format-preserving preference enhancement: Preserve Original Line Spacing.
  9. Hi. When I paste text into EN, with Ctrl-V, often the space between lines is greatly increased. Sometimes, if I paste the text with Ctrl-Shift-V, the white space between lines is decreased--sometimes too much. How can I paste text into EN and keep the original line spacing? Thanks, Doug
  10. I access my company's web-based EN and my personal local-installed EN on the same machine. Can I bring my company's EN into my personal EN, without any risk that employees of my company would be able to access my personal EN? Probably not necessary to mention but... my company's EN, and my personal EN, have different logins. Thanks, Doug
  11. When I select a few lines of text, and then select to Increase Indent or Decrease Indent, the selected text will move in-or-out by a certain amount. How can I increase or decrease the amount that selected text is moved in-or-out? Thanks, Doug
  12. It seems that every month, one or more very well-financed company will report that their customers' data was hacked. Some in the security business say that if a company is a sufficiently attractive target, it's not a question of "will you be hacked?" but "when will you be successfully hacked?" EN is certainly a very attractive hacking target. I am feeling less and less comfortable with my personal documents being stored on en. At one point, I was encrypting all sensitive documents. However, that process is time-consuming and eliminates one of the major en benefits: quick, comprehensive searches. It seems that en needs to offer another level of protection--a level of protection which would require customers to optionally supply a encryption key to un-encrypt their data; a level of protection such that a hacker would need to un-encrypt each customer's account individually. What do others think on this topic?
  13. Here's a quote from a OneNote review: "OneNote takes this further, and instantly OCRs any text in images you add." Does Evernote OCR all images? When I scan a document, my scanning software seems to create an unsearchable image of the document, in a pdf file. When that document is stored in Evernote I still cannot search and find words in the document from Evernote. Any suggestions/thoughts/ideas appreciated. Thanks.
  14. What do others think about en providing an enhancement which would allow customers, with a verified U.S. address, to optionally encrypt any note with 128/256 bit encryption?
  15. Already done! 1.) Individual text information can already be encrypted. or 2.) For more security, put your notes into a non-synchronized local Evernote notebook. Never hits the cloud. or 3.) For higher security, use TrueCrypt to protect your Evernote notes. The speed and ease of one-button, one-step sending to en is important to me. Most of my sensitive documents arrive in pdf format. Besides, a key en feature is its ubiquity across platforms--I don't want to have documents stored on my pc when they are needed on my android phone. As another poster suggested, I think that en should provide an encrypt configuration switch so that all data is encrypted--metadata (tags, titles, etc.) is left unencrypted and searchable.
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