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  1. I haven't banned technology in my classroom, and am not planning to at all (although I do not begrudge a professor from running a class how they see fit). Have I caught students on Facebook, etc while in class? Absolutely. However, the more they are tuned out, the more it impacts their grade. Most of the time, they are tuned in. Being in front of the classroom, you can really tell who is tuned in and who is tuned out anyway, even if you can't see their computer screen (or even if they don't even have one, lol). In any event, they paid the tuition...it's up to them to use the time and what they paid for (or their parents paid for) wisely. I'll announce a nice reminder about staying tuned in to what we are talking about, but beyond that, I am not a babysitter or their parent. The rest is up to them. My hope is that most of the class is using the technology to their educational advantage, and I believe that is easily happening in my courses.....it's way more of a help than a hindrance. About the only time I will ban any access to technology is during a test. No one can even touch any electronic items (or anything else) during exams for obvious reasons.
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