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  1. Hi Grumpy Monkey, thanks for your prompt answer. Unfortunately, the Sticky Notes you mention are for windows. I am looking for something for Mac, and in particular for a solution that would allow Evernote-Sticky notes on the OSX Dashboard, like in the picture below I would appreciate if the content of such sticky notes would then be automatically stored in an evernote-note. Did I explain my idea in a comprehensive way?
  2. Hi everyone, I have widgets on my OS X dashboard that allow me to take short notes. I mainly use it for short things I need to keep in mind, e.g. "Buy eggs & bred", or some movie people told me about which was good and I want to watch once i get the time to do so. Unfortunately, these "memos" are only in my dashboard, and not synced to any other device. So if I am standing in the super market, I might not remember what I had to buy. It would therefore be really nice, if it was possible to have an evernote-widget for the OS X dashboard, where I would be able to take notes that are then synced to my evernote account. I would like to suggest the following possible solution: In the dashboard, you can click "Add Evernote Memo", and a sticky note (see pic below) is added to the dashboard. Now, everything that is written on the first sticky note is stored in a note in evernote called "Dashboard Stickynote 1". If you add a second sticky note to your dashboard, its content will be saved to "Dashboard Stickynote 2", etc. If you remove the sticky note from the dashboard, the note is also removed from evernote. What do you think about my suggestion? cheers!
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