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  1. Hi, I found Mohiomap about 1 year ago. I signed up and recall paying $40.00 for a one-year premium experience. The Mohiomap program did not work from day one. For months I would send my problems to their development team, and sporadically I would receive a communique, and from time to time I would receive an apology email stating they were looking into my issues. Move forward to today... the app never worked. I believe the developer was receiving my e-mail, but I sensed that 'all things were not well' for this company. Frankly, I gave up. I have about 5000 Evernote messages, which in comparison to many people, is a very small number. At first sight, I thought the map would be a helpful tool. Buyer beware. I personally believe the company has gone under or is hanging on by a thread. I certainly do not recommend anyone purchase the upgrade, not until they have fully tested this app and feels comfortable with their support. Sadly, these type companies really deprave user confidence. I had a similar challenge with Iqtell, a wonderful todo, project, email integration system. The app was amazing and many business users became dependent upon Iqtell. One day the owner decided to close down the app leaving many users to find an alternative. I hope you the best as you search for an alternative to Mohiomap. Blessings to all.
  2. The date is March 3rd, 2017... Today I am working on my HP Chromebook, doing some 'spring cleaning' withing my Evernote (EN) account. I'm trying to 'select' (merge) multiple EN 'notes' and delete.... I've tried every conceivable cntl-click, att-click, shift-click, etc.key combination, to select and merge multiple EN notes, but nothing works. After searching EN help, then online searching, I found this discussion. HAS ANYONE EVER BEEN ABLE TO PERFORM A MULTIPLE EN SELECT & MERGE USING A CHROMEBOOK (and the Evernote Web App or Chrome Store Evernote App)? I really don't want to whine, but without multiple select & merge, it is almost impossible to quickly perform quick EN cleanup EN Developers, are you still aware of this problem and are you still working to resolve the issue? Thanks,
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