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  1. Hi S. Sorry I can't help with the locking notebook question. I do love your idea of using QR codes. How do you get a QR code to link to an Evernote entry?
  2. I've developed a personal system for cataloging my wine library in EN. Wondering if anyone else is doing this? Title: <Winery> <Year> <Varietal or Name> Body: Alcohol content % Location in wine fridge Picture of front and back of the bottle. Tags: var_<varietal>: e.g. "var_CabernetSauvignon" loc_<location>: e.g. "loc_US", "loc_California", "loc_Napa" vin_<year>: e.g. "vin_2008" Thoughts?
  3. +1 to bringing back easier editing. Also I'd like to see adding / editing tags brought back to the main note window, not hidden away behind the (i) button.
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