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  1. Is there anyway to have checked items automatically deleted from a note? There are really functional tasks managers but the only one I found that syncs is Things, and the combined package is about $80. You have to buy the app for imac, ipad, and iphone separately.
  2. Thank you, that is very clear. I've noticed how kind and patient you are with new users. It's very much appreciated.
  3. Yes David, that's what I was referring to. Does the revised note count as a new note against your 100,000? Sorry I couldn't figure out how to include your quote. Susanne
  4. Thank you. How about counting as part of your lifetime total? Susanne
  5. I was wondering, for each addition to or revision of a note, does it count as a new note on your quota? Unrelated question: is there a graphic that shows the relationships between notes, notebooks, stacks, and tags? Susanne Newbie
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